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'Talking of startling and outstanding, here is a track that I promise you, if Joni Mitchell released it as her next single it would be hailed by Rolling stone and Pitchfork as major return to form. This is the extraordinary N. Ireland artist known as Best Boy Grip...An absolutely stunning, genuinely exceptional songwriter' - BBC 6 Music, Tom Robinson

'Jaunty, motivated and fearlessly original, the name Best Boy Grip is on everyone's lips and with good reason.' - Brian Coney, Au Magazine

'This Best Boy Grip track is weird, its wonderful and I can't stop listening to it and can't understand why' - Darren Clearly, RTE 2

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For one man and his piano, the tracks are massive sounding pop songs, unbelievably instant, fun and welcoming. - Rigsy, BBC

'Barbara is just pure melodic genius and personally it's been a long time since I have heard such an inviting EP, from any artist' - Dorothy Lawrence, CLASH Magazine

'A refreshing honesty shines through every note, whether he’s coating the songs in layers of metaphor or not, and there is something so direct and pure about his performance that he repeatedly hits the emotional target again and again. Factor in an incredible voice and a warmhearted approach to performing, and Best Boy Grip suddenly seems like a contender for one of the most promising artists to emerge from this country in quite some time.'
- Steven Rainey, BBC Ulster

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